Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Captain America Meet-and-Greet at Disneyland

Since Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in late August of 2009, they have been trying to figure out how to introduce Marvel into their theme parks. Because Walt Disney World cannot have any Marvel themes in their resort due to Universal Studio's Island of Adventures contract with Marvel prior to Disney's acquisition   Sorry East Coasters  the Disneyland Resort won out.

I was present when Marvel made their big Disney debut at the D23 convention in 2011 when Joe Quesada, CCO of Marvel Entertainment, laid out plans and assured Disney fans that they would not be disappointed. And in my opinion, we have not. With new movies every couple of years, and the Avenger's television spin-off Marvel's Agents of Shield, it would seem that with a little Disney magic, Marvel is bringing fans young and old together and is stronger than ever. 
Hall Of Armor at Disneyland

As a result of Marvel's box office releases  and to rake in some of that monetary success as only Disney can  they have been adding Marvel themed attractions and meet-and-greets to entice current and future Marvel fans and pump them up for the next movie.

On April 13, 2013, the first Marvel attraction opened inside Disneyland's Innoventions and coincided with the release of Iron Man 3.
"Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries" gave guests a chance to not only view Tony Stark's Hall of Armor, but also virtually suit up and test the experimental Mark 42 suit.

Thor Meet-and-Greet

Last November, the first Marvel Meet-and-Greet opened next to the Stark Tech.

"Thor: Treasures Of Asgard," coincided with the release of Thor: The Dark World and gave guests a chance to travel through the Bi-Frost into the Throne Room and see rare Asgardian treasures actual props used by the actors in the movie. Once inside the Throne Room, Thor greets guests and gives a lucky "kid" a chance to pick up Mj√∂lnir, Thor's Hammer.
Here is a promotional video from the Disney Parks Blogs starring yours truly.
(I didn't even know this existed, nor that I was in it until I started writing this blog.)

On April 4th, Marvel will release Captain America: Winter Solider in theaters. So therefore sticking with the old adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it," Disney is adding "Captain America: The Living Legend and Symbol Of Courage" to it's list of Marvel Meet-and-Greets.  

Although not open to the public until next week (March 7), I had the chance to get an early preview. This meet-and-greet is not nearly as big as Stark Tech or as detailed as Treasures of Asgard, which is a bit disappointing. However, it gives guests enough of a taste that they'll be running to the movie theater, and that's really the whole point isn't it? 

The entrance sign as guests enter the attraction

Guests line up against this wall as they enter the queue

Here are some of the sights guests will experience.

While in line, guests can view a brief timeline history of Captain America.

Also, guests will see a hologram picture of Steve Roger's body transformation into Captain America

The only prop from the movie is Captain America's World War II uniform. The plaque stated:
Steve Rodgers, better know as "Captain America," wore this original uniform while on active duty during World War II. Following Captain Rodger's revival in the present day, the uniform was redesigned into the high-tech suit Cap wears today.

As guests exit the meet-and-greet area, they can view the history of all the different shields used by Captain America. 

My wife Taylor, Me, and Captain America
My Experience:
The moment arrived when the cast-member escorted me into the room with the Cap himself. As he looked at me and stuck his hand out to shake my hand he said, "WOW! Thank you for the support. What's your name soldier?" I said "Bubba, Cap." Then he said, "For a man your size and strength Bubba, I'm gonna see what I can do to get you into the Avengers." I told him, "I'm more of a comedic sidekick, but you're the captain, Captain." He got a kick out of it. We took our pics and has he shook my hand for a final time, he reminded me that he would make a call to Nick Fury to see what he can do.

Dang, I'm good looking

"Captain America: The Living Legend and Symbol Of Courage" opens to all Marvel fans March 7th at Disneyland. My big question is will Disney do something for Guardians of the Galaxy which opens in theaters on August 1st of this year? Hopefully we'll find out in June...

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This is Big Bubba, FUTURE AVENGER, saluting you and saying goodbye for now. BUBBA SMASH! 

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  1. What a killer report! Not to mention the fact that you were in a Disney promo video!

  2. I love Disneyland for that reason. It makes the kids dreams come true. I went to a similar comic con there last year. It was Spider-man themed (his favorite character). We stayed at Omni hotel Orlando that we booked with reservationcounter.com (great site btw - they have a best price guarantee). We spend a great mother and son weekend there.